1.How does your service work?

You select the gear you may need from a selection of baby and toddler gear offered on our website and place an order. We deliver the selected items and pick them up at the address that you provide on selected dates.


2. How much does it cost?

The prices are determined by rental period and are calculated on a daily basis. Please select the product you wish, enter the dates for which you want to rent it, and the price will automatically appear.


It is important to point out that if you wish to rent an item from Monday to Friday, it is calculated as a five (5) days rental period. Also the minimal rental period is five (5) days. You can rent our products for a shorter period but in that case the price is calculated for the minimal rental period.
If you simply want to buy our products, we charge courier fees depending on your address and order weight.


3. What about the refundable security deposit?

All rental items have a refundable security deposit which is charged at the order stage, together with the rental value. This is to protect us against major damages to the products or theft. At the end of the rental period, when we pick-up the rental items, we inspect them against major damages. If there is simply normal wear and tear, the total security deposit/s you were charged with will be credited back to you according to the payment method you originally chose (credit card or PayPal) within seven (7) working days from the pick-up date.


4. How many days in advance should I place a rental order?

You are only required to book 1 day in advance from the Arrival/Delivery date. However, in order to secure availability of our products we recommend to book at least 14 days in advance.


5. How do you deliver and pick up?

Deliveries and pick-ups of rental items take place any day of the week, except on Sunday, between 8:00 am and 8.00 pm. Your order is either delivered from our own staff or through courier service.


6. Can I rent a baby item of a specific brand?

We offer products that are illustrated on our website. You obtain the exact product that is offered on the website and that you have selected. The only thing that we can’t guarantee is the product color. In case that we, due to high demand or some other reason do not have the product you selected, our operator will contact you and offer another product of the same class and quality.
Also bear in mind that all our products are from well-known brands with high quality standards and comply with all European safety standards.


7. How can I be sure that the baby gear you rent is clean and safe for my children?

Our rental items are always purchased new and from well-known brands. Also, we buy frequently new items in order to provide our customers products that are always new or relatively new. Rental items are carefully inspected, steam cleaned and sanitized with non-aggressive chemicals between hires. Rental items that do not function properly or do not meet anymore our safety and quality standards are replaced by new ones.
We treat the baby gear we rent as if our own children were using it. We understand that your satisfaction is the key driver of our success.


8. How can I cancel a rental order?

Cancellation requests can be made only through e-mail at [email protected]
For cancellation of rental item orders made up to fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the Start Date then the total (100%) Rental Price (Rental Value, VAT and Security Deposit) will be returned to you, through the payment method you originally chose (credit card or PayPal).
For cancellations made up to seven (7) calendar days prior to the Start Date then 50% of the Rental Value and VAT and 100% of Security Deposit will be returned.
For cancellations made up to three (3) calendar days prior to Start Date of the agreement then only the Refundable Security Deposit (100%) will be returned.
Cancellation requests can be made only by e-mail.