Comfort package – 5 products


Comfort package – 5 products

28.00€ 20.00€ / day


1 x Chicco Multiway Evo

Chicco Multiway Evo is the perfect stroller to face any terrain and it is suitable from birth. Its sturdy structure, together with the 4 double wheels with enlarged tread, ensure perfect grip and maneuverability in every condition.


1 x Chicco Good Night Baby Cot With Full Size Mattress

Chicco Good Night baby cot is suitable from the birth up to 15 kg. Its stable construction ensures absolute stability when standing – even if your little one is throwing a tantrum inside it. The stable cot surface and integrated mattress ensure comfort while sleeping. Chicco Good Night is supplied with a full size mattress 60x120x15 cm.


1 x Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero 3

Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero 3 is ultralight and multifunctional. It growths with your child from 0 to 3 years of age: during the first few months of life it can be used as a comfortable, relaxing reclined cradle, as from 6 months as a highchair for eating and playing, and later on, without the tray, to eat at the table with the grownups.


1 x Outdoorer Zack Premium Baby Beach Shelter

Outdoorer Zack Premium Baby Beach Shelter takes to heart the sun protection of small beach visitors, from babies to toddlers, because their skin is much more sensitive to sunlight than that of adults. It is equipped with the very high sun protection (factor UV 80) according to Standard 801 (valid only with the windows closed).

Stokke FlexiBath 121002-8I8275_15945

1 x Stokke Flexi Bath

Stoke Flexi Bath is a foldable baby bath tub that meets all you need for bathing your child from birth to 4 years old.






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Why settle for one product when you can have 5 of them for an amazing price.

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